Board Members


Chair: Ken Larsen

Vice Chair: Gene O'Brien

Treasurer: Jason Ness

Secretary: Tom Prosen

Director: Polly Sorcan

Director: Mike Aro

Station Manager: Hugo Mariucci

Community Access Television

The Mission of Access 12 TV is to Provide the:


  • OPPORTUNITY for community groups to get out their messages to their memberships and to the general public, or to cable cast entire meetings and events.
  • OPPORTUNITY for individuals to express their ideas or to cable cast entire meetings and events.
  • OPPORTUNITY for students and video hobbyists to cable cast their productions to a larger audience.

The Vision of the Access 12 TV Board is:

 A community access station that exceeds the public's expectation for quality and diversity of programming.  This will be accomplished through partnerships with our schools, community members, governments and others.  The Board encourages everyone to participate. 

What is Public Access Television?

 Public access programs are programs that are non-commercial, produced by local citizens or community groups.  These programs are submitted to the Access 12 Television Studio located at the Eveleth-Gilbert High School for broadcast on channel 12.

Access 12 is a non-profit organization who's purpose is to promote the use of the access opportunity through education about access, by coordinating resources so that local citizens may produce their own shows, and by encouraging local residents to become involved in access programming.

Access 12 is not a video production house, but manages video equipment and a television studio that is available to local citizens so they can produce their own shows using Access 12's equipment.

Programs produced with Access 12 equipment MUST be shown  only on Channel 12. 

There are only a few limitations to the programs that are shown on Channel 12 and they are:

1) No commercial material and no obscenity

2) You are not allowed to sell the video tape or DVD.

If you are interested, or want more information, please check out our RULES and PROCEDURES on the documents page or email us at